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How to become a project manager

These will vary depending on your industry and the company and team you work within. As you move on through your project management career, you’ll be looking at something more robust that evidences your experience, like the Project Management Professional ® certification or PMQ. To improve your skills, consider taking a course in project management or enrolling in an online course. Finally, always keep your eyes and ears open for new techniques that can help you manage projects more efficiently and achieve the desired results. Once you’ve learned everything that you need to know about project management, it’s time to put it all into practice. Implementing these skills will help you manage your projects more efficiently and achieve the desired results. There are many different types of project managers, but most work with teams of people to create something new or improve something existing.

  • Training is always helpful for IT positions, especially if you lack real-world experience.
  • Soft skills are those personal qualities that allow someone to interact effectively with others.
  • Organizational skills are essential for a successful project manager.
  • Project managers often have to make tough decisions on behalf of the team.
  • In fact, the majority of respondents are satisfied with their jobs.

Here’s an overview of some of the most popular degrees for project managers, to help start your formal project manager education. Those are all project management skills that any great project manager needs to know.


When you think about it, these two roles work well hand-in-hand and give great exposure for future IT or project management roles. For starters, a project coordinator is a more entry-level position and a good steppingstone to get into project management. Project coordinators present different methodologies by coordinating project timelines and reporting back to management with different details.

Moreover, it’s much easier to find a substitution for you than a suitable project manager. And you need to sell them how to become a project manager the benefits of the project management. As much as possible you need to apply the project management basics.

Skills Needed for Project Management

In this chapter, I’ll share some insights and tricks on how to get that “relevant” experience. Find a friend or a colleague (developer, experienced IT PM, etc.) and ask them to explain everything in more detail. So, in case of iPhone, Mac or Windows applications you will compile the code and create an application file. Sometimes you store the code in client’s Version Control system from the start. All the code created during the project is transferred to the client. In Web development, you will also hear a lot about front end and back end parts of an application.

What does a IT project manager does?

An information technology (IT) project manager is a professional that helps organizations achieve their IT goals by planning and executing projects. IT project managers might lead projects to introduce new software solutions, scale IT processes, or switch cloud providers for an organization.

Generally, an MBA is preferred, but since it takes two years to complete, many professionals pursue this while they’re employed. It’s important that this is completely optional, and you can even get work without spending years and years at university. Coordination – You’re responsible for coordinating team managers and technical professionals across all phases of the project. You’ll also also execute each phase of the project, communicate with all the stakeholders, and coordinate between department heads to ensure smooth implementation of the project.

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